Signs a Girl Likes You at a Bar

The bar is one of the most common places for men to meet women. It’s a social setting condusive to meeting new people.

Here are signs a girl likes you at a bar.

She Stares At You

One of the most obvious signs a woman shows interest at the bar is by staring at you. Does she continuously look at your direction from across the bar? This is a good sign. If she smiles that’s even better.

She Mirrors You

Mirroring is the act of emulating a person’s behavior.

If you’re talking with a woman at a bar, mirroring is a big way she indicates interest. A strong sign of interest is if you tell her you’re going to order a drink at the bar and she says, “I’ll come with you.” Following you to the bar to get a drink is a sign of mirroring and a strong indicator of interest.

If she orders the same drink you ordered or asks what you’re ordering that’s another great sign. She wants to relate with you and this is an easy way to do that.

She Buys You a Drink

Men are known for buying women drinks at the bar, so if a woman offers to buy you a drink at the bar that’s definitely a good sign.

When a guy buys a woman a drink they’re generally trying to gain their approval. This is the same when a woman offers to buy a guy a drink.

When She Stirs Her Drink

If you’re talking to a woman at the bar or you’re sitting with her at a table notice if she’s stirring her drink. If a woman continuously stirs her drink during your conversation it displays interest. Women do this when they’re excited and it’s usually subconscious. The more she does it the better.

If her pupils dilate while she’s doing this that’s an even better sign. When someone is excited or happy their eyes light up.

She Shares Her Drink With You

If a girl shares her drink with you it’s a sign of major comfort. This can be a great indicator of interest.

She Brushes Against You

When a woman brushes against you it’s a very good sign of interest. This can be very subtle but it’s a powerful indicator of interest.

A woman might brush against you when she’s walking by or she might touch your arm walking by. So many men overlook this because it’s subtle, but a lot of time this is an intentional act. If she does it more than once, it’s a sign she wants you to approach.

She Asks You to Dance

When a woman asks you to dance with her at the bar it’s a pretty obvious sign of interest. This is a little more gutsy than just starting to dance with a guy on the dance floor.

She Grinds On You

If a woman starts grinding on you on the dance floor she definitely has some physical attraction towards you.

However, some women will just grind on guys and move on after they get bored. The key here is not to linger on the dance floor for too long. Get her away from the dance floor so you can actually have a conversation.

She Asks You A Question or For Your Opinion

When a woman asks you a question or for your opinion on something it’s an easy way to start a conversation.

A woman might ask if you have a lighter or something to that affect. This takes the pressure off the approach.

Shes Mentions Another Bar

If you’re talking to a woman at a bar and she mentions another bar she’s going to this is a strong sign of interest. She’s letting you know where she will be later in the night because she’s open to seeing you again at the other bar.

She Gives You Something to Hold on to

This is one of the strongest indicators of interest you can get from a woman at the bar. If she asks you to hold onto her ID she is pretty much tying herself to you for the rest of the night. She plans to be with you for the duration of the night and might even be going home with you.

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