When She Says “Let Me Think About It”

So you met a great girl and you ask her out on a date. Then she says, “Let me think about it.” What does that mean? Let’s break it down.

She’s Not Interested

While she may genuinely need to think about it the majority of the time a girl tells you “Let me think about it” she’s not interested. If she was interested she’d say yes. How many times have you said “Let me think about it” to someone you really want to spend time with or are attracted to? It doesn’t happen often.

She Doesn’t Want To Hurt Your Feelings

When she says “Let me think about it” she’s letting you down easy. She doesn’t want to hurt your feelings, so she’s not outright rejecting you. This allows her to save face somewhat and not seem like a bad person for rejecting you.

She’s Afraid of Confrontation

Most women want to avoid confrontation at all costs. Most people don’t like confrontation because it’s uncomfortable. If she outright says “no” and rejects you it makes her feel bad. She doesn’t want to feel the guilt and also wants to avoid making you feel bad or unworthy.

Give Her Space

When she tells you she needs to think about it give her space. If she truly needs time nagging her is not going to help. If anything nagging her and continuing to text her will drive her further away. Give her the time she needs to think about it and if she truly is interested she will get back to you.


While it can be a tough pill to swallow when a woman says, “Let me think about,” she’s generally not interested and trying to let you down easy without confrontation. Give her time and space and let her reach out to you if she wants to make a date happen.

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