Why Hasn’t She Accepted My Friend Request?

So you met a girl you’re interested in dating. You send her a friend request on Facebook and then… NOTHING. Your request sits and it lingers and you’re left waiting and wondering. Here are some reasons why she hasn’t accepted your friend request.

She’s Not Interested

If you’re into someone you’re going to accept their friend request. Some people might play games and wait a bit before accepting the request, but if they’re interested they will accept. If she just lets the request linger she’s not interested.

She Has Tons of Requests

Attractive women are constantly getting bombarded with friend requests. Many women have hundreds of people waiting in their friend requests. For these type of people they might not even see your request because they get so many. Checking Facebook friend requests is not a huge priority for these type of women.

She Doesn’t Know You

If you’re adding women randomly in hopes of getting a date there’s a good chance she will just let your friend request linger. She doesn’t know you so there is no trust there. Attractive in demand women have a never ending sea of men friend requesting and messaging them on social media. Women are very on guard because of this, so if she doesn’t know you and doesn’t know who you are, your chances are very slim.

She’s Hiding Something From You

She might not add you right away because she’s hiding something from you. She might already be in a relationship and not want you to know. She might have photos with a boyfriend or guys that she doesn’t want you to see. Maybe she doesn’t want you to know her personal business. There are many things she could be hiding from you and doesn’t want you to know.

She Doesn’t Check Facebook

There’s a possibility that she doesn’t go on her Facebook in which event you’d likely get clumped into the queue of requests she gets and she just doesn’t see it. However, this is probably unlikely. Most people have the Facebook app on their phone and get notifications when someone sends them a friend request.


At the end of the day if she doesn’t respond to your friend request it’s most likely because she’s not interested. Don’t ask if she got the request. It makes you look desperate. The best thing to do is assume she’s not interested and move on. Don’t waste your time with someone who won’t give you the time of day.

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