Why Don’t My Coworkers Like Me?

Everyone wants to be liked and work is much more enjoyable when you get along with your coworkers. If you’re wondering why your coworkers don’t like you there might be a few things you’re doing to cause that.

You Never Smile

Smiling it a simple thing and it can really make someone else’s day. Smiling makes you seem friendly and approachable. If you never smile your coworkers may think you’re standoffish and not approachable. Make an effort to smile more and you’ll notice a better response from the people around you.

You Ignore People

When you see a coworker in the hallway walking by say hello. Be friendly! If you ignore people, they will ignore you. It’s important to set the tone early with your coworkers that you’re a friendly person. If you comes across as standoffish you will notice people being standoffish with you.

You Don’t Help Out

When you see a coworker in need do you make an effort to help them or do you just ignore their problem? Part of being a good coworker is being a team player. If you’re never willing to help out your coworkers word will spread around the office that you aren’t a team player and that you’re just out for yourself. That’s not the reputation you want. Be willing to help others and you will find your coworkers returning the favor.

You Think You’re Always Right

One trait that turns most people off is when someone thinks they’re always right. You might be a smart person, but no one is always right. Respect other people’s opinions and input. If you believe you’re always right it will not only make your coworkers think less of you, it will hamper your ability to grow and improve.

You’re Not Punctual

If you’re constantly showing up late to work, or show up late to meetings you won’t be doing any favors with your coworkers. It’s important to respect and value other people’s time. If you don’t value your coworkers’ time, they will not value yours.

You Cut Corners

Are you always rushing through every project so you can get on to the next thing? Being efficient with your time is a good thing, but cutting corners is lazy behavior. When working with your coworkers make sure they know you’re putting forth a proper effort into the project. Cutting corners shows a lack of care and will not build trust with your coworkers.

You Complain Too Much

Everyone needs to vent from time to time, but complaining all the time gets annoying. Your coworkers don’t want to hear you complaining all the time. It makes you seem bitter and unhappy, which is not a positive trait. People don’t want to be around unhappy people. If you have a negative attitude, you will experience a negative attitude from your coworkers more often. Do your best to stay positive and you will notice your coworkers having a more positive attitude around you.

Taking Credit All the Time

Part of being a good coworker is lifting and elevating others. You might have been instrumental in the success of a project, but make sure you’re giving credit to the people that helped make it happen. Show your coworkers that you value you them. If you’re constantly seeking all the credit your coworkers will think you’re selfish and that you’re not about the team. Encourage your coworkers, give them credit, and you will notice them reciprocating that behavior.

You Gossip

When you have coworkers it’s inevitable that you will hear them gossiping about others. This happens pretty much everywhere. Avoid negative gossip about your coworkers. The thing about gossip is it generally finds a way of getting back to the person the gossip is about it. If you wouldn’t say something to your cowokers’ face, don’t gossip about them. Gossiping and saying negative things about your coworkers has no plus side, and the downside if making an enemy if they find out.

Instead of gossiping negative things, do the opposite. Say positive things about coworkers when they aren’t around and use that to your advantage. When someone hears that you’ve complimented them to someone else it will make them think higher of you.

You Talk Down To People

Whether you’re upper management or entry level it’s important to show respect to all the people that you work with. It’s a common and well known phrase but treat people the way you want to be treated. If you show respect you will earn respect. Nobody wants to be disrespected and talked down to.

If you’re a manager and talk down to your employees they will not respect you and they will not want to work hard for you. Show them you value them and you’ll notice them working harder for you and maintaining a more positive attitude.

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