Why Has She Become Distant?

So you met a great woman and you feel like things have been going well. Then slowly but surely, she becomes more distant. She’s not initiating conversation as much, she begins texting you less, she doesn’t respond right away and you can tell something’s up. So what happened? Something caused her attraction to go down, so let’s take a look at why.

Her Attraction For You Has Dropped

If she is becoming distant it’s high likely because her level of attraction towards you has gone down. Everyone has bad days or times when they get busy, but when if she’s become consistently cold and distant, it’s because her attraction level has dropped.

You Were Smothering Her

If you are constantly initiating conversation all the time, blowing up a woman’s phone, texting pointless questions, her attraction level is going to go down. No one likes being smothered. Women need to be given space and time away from a man for their attraction level to grow. She needs time to wonder about you and if you’re always around and always texting her updating your every move, odds are she’s going to lose her level of attraction.

Texting Too Much

Texting a woman too much is a mistake many men make, especially early in the dating process. Use texting to arrange dates and avoid the pointless chit chat. If you tell her everything that’s happened in your life over text what are you going to say when you actually meet up in person? Avoid excessive texting because eventually, it’s going to cause her to become bored and feel like you’re too available. You will also begin to find her ignoring your texts or taking longer to respond.

Always Asking What She’s Doing

Nobody likes the feeling of being questioned about everything. It’s a major turnoff. If you’re always asking her what she’s doing and where she’s been all the time you’re going to come across as insecure. Insecurity is not attractive to women. Stop asking her about every detail. It’s annoying and that will cause her to run for the hills.

You Made Her Feel Uncomfortable

Women want to feel safe and protected. If you act needy and insecure she won’t be either and it will cause her to become uncomfortable. Don’t force things to happen. Pay attention to her signals and her body language. If she’s giving you signs of bad body language it’s time to back off and give her space.


When a woman becomes distant it’s generally because your actions or behavior caused it. Pay attention to her body language and signals she is giving off. When a woman acts distant many men feel the need to force things and take action. However, this is usually counterintuitive. Give her space and let her come to you. Trying to force a certain behavior or action out of her will likely drive the woman further away.

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