Why Doesn’t She Talk About Her Boyfriend?

So you’ve found a great girl and the two of you have hit it off. You have great chemistry, but there’s only one problem. She has a boyfriend. And here’s the kicker, she’s never mentioned she has a boyfriend. However, you found out she has one on social media or her friend told you.

Here are some possible reasons why she hasn’t told you about her boyfriend.

She’s Attracted To You

If you’ve known this girl for a while and she still hasn’t mentioned her boyfriend, odds are she is attracted to you. She probably enjoys the attention she is receiving from you and doesn’t want it to stop.

You Make Her Feel Wanted

Perhaps she’s not getting the attention she desires from her boyfriend and you are helping to fill that void. She crazes being desired and that’s something she gets when she allows you to pursue her.

She’s Not Happy In Her Relationship

If she’s not happy with her relationship she might not mention her boyfriend. She doesn’t want to deter you from pursuing her. When a woman is unhappy in a relationship many times she will try to line up a replacement for when she’s ready to break up with him.

She’s A Cheater

Women who cheat generally aren’t honest. An honest person won’t lead you on and will tell you if they are in a relationship. If she flirts with you and never mentions having a boyfriend she is probably open to cheating.

She Has Low Self Esteem

Some women just like attention. She might not have any intention to hook up with you but likes the way it makes her feel when you show interest. It makes her feel good and she doesn’t want that to stop by telling you she has a boyfriend.

She Loves To Flirt

Many women love to flirt and some of these women have zero intention of going beyond flirting. They enjoy the social interaction and the confidence boost flirting brings.


Bottom line, if a girl you’ve known for a while doesn’t mention her boyfriend around you she probably isn’t completely happy with her relationship and is open to something happening between you two. Be careful though. If she hides having a boyfriend and is willing to cheat on him with you, she’d probably cheat on you as well if you ended up in a relationship with her.

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