Is She Going To Break Up With Me?

So you’ve been in a committed relationship but lately, things haven’t been going that great and you’re worried that your relationship might be on the rocks.

Here are signs she plans to break up with you.

She Has Become Distant

If your girlfriend has become distant for a prolonged period of time there’s a good chance your relationship could be ending soon. When she becomes distant it’s a sign that a breakup is not far away.

She Makes Plans Without You

When your girlfriend makes plans without you and it becomes a pattern it’s a sign that she’s ready to move on. People in relationships spend time together, especially on the weekend. If her weekend plans don’t include you, forget about it. She’s likely planning to break up with you.

She Stays Out Late

If your girlfriend is staying out late without you it’s a bad sign. That means she’s likely out looking for a potential replacement and wants to line someone else up before breaking up with you.

You’re No Longer Intimate

If you’re in a healthy relationship you’re likely going to be intimate with your partner. You and your partner will show affection towards each other. If she’s no longer affectionate around you and you aren’t intimate, it’s a sign she’s leaning towards ending the relationship.

She Flirts With Other Men Infront of You

A woman who flirts with other men in front of you probably doesn’t care what you think and if she doesn’t care what you think or feel it’s a lack of respect. That’s what happens when a woman feels she doesn’t have a future with a man. When you see your girlfriend flirting with other guys it’s a bad sign.

She’s On Dating Apps

If your girlfriend is on dating apps she’s looking for a potential replacement. She is not satisfied with your relationship and is looking to find someone she likes better. If your friends are seeing your girlfriend on dating apps it’s probably time to move on and find a new girlfriend.

She Hangs Out With Other Guys Alone

If your girlfriend is hanging out with other men alone, it’s a very bad sign. Men generally perceive hanging out with women one on one as a date. It’s a bad situation for you when your girlfriend is alone with other men. It’s even worse if she doesn’t tell you about it.

She Removes You From Her Profile Pic/Social Media

Women in a happy relationship oftentimes want the world to know and will share photos of you on their social media. They will change their profile picture to include you. When your girlfriend removes your presence from her social media it could be a sign she’s ready to move on. She doesn’t want to deter other potential suitors.

She Blows Off Your Texts

Blowing off your texts and not being responsive results from a lack of respect. In a healthy relationship, your girlfriend will generally be responsive. If she doesn’t respond to your texts then she probably doesn’t respect you. It’s a sign she’s probably thinking of breaking up with you.


Women who plan to break up with a guy likely won’t be very affectionate and will be more distant. She’ll spend more time away from you and won’t be as respectful or thoughtful around you. If you find yourself not in a woman’s plans, she probably doesn’t plan on being around you in the future.

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