Why Is She Always Touching Me?

So you’ve noticed a woman that keeps touching you whenever she’s around you. Why is this? Here are some possible explanations.

She’s Attracted To You

The most obvious reason a woman would repeatedly touch you is that she is attracted to you. One way women show their attraction is through body language. When a woman is attracted to you she will touch you more and enter your personal space.

Women will not touch a person they aren’t comfortable around. The more frequently she touches you the more likely she is attracted to you.

She Wants You To Ask Her Out

With touching, repetition is key. If she continually taps your arm this is a common sign of flirting and attraction. If you notice this happening, again and again, she likely wants you to ask her out.

Look for other signs like if she touches with on the thigh, which is more intimate. Rubbing is also a big sign of attraction.

She Is Comfortable With You

Just because a woman touches you doesn’t automatically mean she is attracted to you. Some women are just touchy-feely by nature. Pay attention to this. Does she only touch you a lot or does she touch everybody? It’s an important distinction.

Some women are naturally comfortable touching others. If she touches everyone she’s around then she is probably just comfortable with you and not necessarily attracted to you.


Women do not touch people they have no interest in. If a woman is always touching you at the very least she is comfortable around you. In all likelihood, though, she is touching you because she finds you attractive. Repetition is the most important factor. If she has a pattern of touching you over and over, it’s most likely because she’s attracted to you.

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