Why Does She Keep Flaking On Me?

You’ve met a woman you like and you’ve been trying to get her to go on a date with you. There’s only one problem, she keeps flaking on you. Here are some reasons why.

She’s Not Interested In You

The most common reason why a girl would keep flaking on you is the fact she’s just not that interested in you. Women who want to see you will find time for you. If she continues to flake on you over and over it’s because she’s not interested.

She Lacks Confidence

One reason she could be flaking on you is that she lacks confidence. She might not be ready to date at the moment and is so afraid of rejection she doesn’t want to put herself out there. She doesn’t want to put herself in a situation where she will get hurt so she rejects you before you can reject her.

She’s Involved With Someone Else

She might be very attracted to you but if she’s involved with someone else that might be cause for her flaky behavior. If she’s in a relationship or dating someone else her availability won’t be the same as a single person.

It’s important to find out of the person you are pursuing is already in a relationship. If so, it’s best not to get involved with that person unless their current relationship ends.

You’re Annoying Her By Overpersuing

She might be acting flaking because you are overpursuing her. When women feels smothered by a man it causes them to lose attraction. This in turn creates flaky behavior. In the early stages of dating avoid things like texting too much. If a woman feels like she can have you at any time it lowers your value to her.

She Just Wants Attention

Some women simply love attention and crave validation. This is very common with online dating. Women will talk to a guy with no intentions of ever going on a date. These are the type of women you want to avoid.

She’s Testing You

Some women will flake on a man to test how they will react. Do you get upset and lose emotional control? Women want to be with men who are emotionally centered. This helps her separate the strong from the weak and the men from the boys.


At the end of the day if a woman repeatedly flakes on you it likely means she’s not interested. Give her a chance to reschedule but if she doesn’t give you an alternative date or time, then move on. She’s not interested.

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