Why Does She Keep Looking At Me?

So you’ve noticed a girl and she’s noticed you. In fact, she keeps looking at you and you’re wondering why.

Here are some possibilities.

She’s Attracted To You

The most obvious reason why a woman would stare at you is that she finds you attractive. Just like men stare at women they are attracted to, females do the same thing.

The key here is looking for behavioral patterns. Does she look at you once and then look away? Or does she keep staring at you and look in your direction over a period of time? If she keeps staring at you it’s highly likely she’s interested. If her stare is accompanied by a smile she’s probably giving you the green light to approach her.

If you make eye contact back and she quickly looks away she realizes she’s been caught and breaks the eye contact to avoid awkwardness. Even though she’s probably attracted to you, people have a tendency to look away due to instinct.

She’s Curious

Perhaps the reason she continues to look at you is her curiosity. Maybe she’s never seen you before and wondering who you are? Mystery creates interest. Women are inquisitive and mystery intrigues them. She might want to know more about you.

You Look Familiar

Have you ever met someone for the first time and they look familiar? Perhaps they look like someone you know but you can’t put your finger on it? This is very common and when this happens, people have a tendency to stare. This is because they are trying to place where they know you from or who you remind them of.

You’re Doing Something To Draw Attention

Women are extremely observant. They tend to notice details that men oftentimes don’t think about. Perhaps she noticed an accessory you’re wearing or she is impressed by your clothing. There’s also the possibility you have something on your face and like a train wreck, she can’t look away.


If a woman continues to stare at you for more than a glance it’s likely she finds you attractive. If she accompanies the staring with a smile, the odds are very good she’s attracted to you. Take this as an opportunity to smile back and begin a conversation.

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