Why Does She Lead Me On?

One of the most frustrating situations in dating is when a person leads you on. Here are some reasons why the woman you’re looking to date is leading you on.

She Has A Boyfriend

She might be leading you on because she has a boyfriend. She enjoys flirting but doesn’t plan to go beyond that because she’s already in a relationship with someone else.

You’re Her Backup Option

She might enjoy flirting with you and talking to you but at the end of the day, she considers you a backup option. She might hang out with you if there isn’t a better option or her first plan falls through. However, you will never be a priority with this woman.

She Likes Attention

Some women just love attention. She leads you on because she craves attention and validation. You are providing that for her. She doesn’t want anything else from you.

She Feels Lonely

She might be leading you on because she feels lonely. Perhaps she hasn’t dated or been in a relationship for a while and talking to you is lifting her self-esteem. It makes her feel better having someone to talk to.

She Keeps You A Secret

One of the reasons she might be leading you on is because she keeps you a secret. Her friends and family don’t know about you and maybe she wants to keep it that way. She’s not comfortable with people knowing the two of you are talking and she might be worried about what people would think if they knew she was with you.


Ultimately, if a woman is leading you on it’s because you’re not a priority for her. If it seems impossible to arrange a date with her she’s not making the effort. It’s best to move on and focus your time on someone that values you and your time.

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