Why Did She Block Me?

So you’re interested in a girl but there’s one big problem. She blocked you on social media. You can’t see her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Here are some reasons why.

She Wants Nothing To Do With You

The main reason why a woman would block you on social media is that she wants nothing to do with you. She is not interested in you at all and she wants to cut off all contact. She wants you completely out of the picture and doesn’t want to worry about you bothering her. The easiest way to do this is to block you.

She Doesn’t Feel Safe Around You

Women absolutely want and need to feel safe. They love the security of a man that makes them feel safe. If you are giving her vibes that make her feel unsafe she will block you.

You Creeped Her Out

There’s a decent chance if she blocked you that you creeped her out. Something you did or your actions towards her caused her to become uncomfortable and it creeped her out. If you creep a woman out she is not going to want to see you, period.

You Can’t Take A Hint

Another reason why women block men on social media is that they can’t take a hint. Has she already turned you down multiple times? If she’s given you zero indications of interest or has refused your previous advances, your chances of getting her to see you are probably pretty slim.

Learn how to read people so you can pick up her signs and avoid the problem of getting blocked altogether. A woman will likely display signs through texting or on social media that they aren’t interested in you before they block you.


When a woman blocks you on social media it’s game over. She is not interested in you and the more you push the worse off you are. Cut your losses and move on. She already has.

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