What Does It Mean When She Says “Do You Miss Me?”

So all of a sudden you get a text message from a girl you’ve been dating or seeing and she writes, “Do You Miss Me?” This message has important meaning, so let’s break it down.

She Misses You

The reason she reaches out to you asking if you miss her is because she misses you. She’s been thinking about you and wants to know if you have been thinking about her as well. It’s always a good sign when a woman reaches out to you first.

She Wants To Know That You Miss Her

When she asks if you miss her she’s looking for validation. She misses you and wants to know that her feelings are being reciprocated by you. She wants you to tell her that you miss her too. This makes her feel more comfortable in the relationship.

She Wants To See You

Asking “do you miss me” is a way of reaching out. She’s putting herself in your orbit because she wants to see you. Take this as an opportunity to arrange a date or a time to see her. She hit the ball to your side of the court so it’s up to you to hit it back.

She Likes You

If you haven’t guessed by now she likes you. Women don’t ask men that they aren’t interested in if they miss them. She’s putting herself out there and taking the first step to initiate contact because she’s interested in you. The message is clear, take action!


Women ask, “Do you miss me” because they miss you. Take this as a sign of interest. It’s OK to let them know you miss them as well. This is an opportunity to arrange a time to get together because she likes you.

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